Gayesco Introduction
In the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries there are increasing needs for accurate and complete temperature data for proper operation of reactors.
These industries continue to see increasing regulatory requirements, emerging competition and the need to operate older units or reactors. Profitable operation often demands maximizing yields and increasing catalyst run time.

It is critical that the proper design of temperature measuring system be specified and implemented. By property selecting, or designing the temperature measuring system, it is possible to :

  lOptimize process safety
Extend catalyst life
Enhance operations

Decrease maintenance costs
Increase yields
Improve product quality

The following sections of the “Gayesco products” gives general technology :

  Reactor temperature profiling
Tube skin temperature measurement
Flame rods

Gayesco specializes in unique solutions to difficult applications. If the listed above do not address the specific needs of your reactor / process, please contact the Gayesco representative of Korea, KIE systems Co,. Ltd or please refer to Gayesco’s website at for more information.

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