Project Execution
The Project will starts that the Engineering Department/End-User meeting to inform all of the department related. Most important points in this meeting shall be emphasized. The Manager will start with planning the project overall schedule to meet the required date and/or delivery.

All specifications & terms for the project shall define clearly. Also, in advance long lead items shall be ordered with a Letter of Intent or Purchased Order released. Preliminary engineering is the time in which we carry out utility consumption, review & check specifications, attend the kick-off meeting, clarify client specification and the like.
During this period preliminary designs are examined/discussed to meet the specifications in line with the type of shelter system is required, type of analyzers, sampling system and its capabilities, the other accessaries which is linked with the analyzer systems.
And HVAC, monitoring system, weight data, power consumption, utility consumption, shelter sizes to be confirmed.

The design department shall design and/or draft more details by using AutoCAD and checked by senior engineer. The drawings shall be submitted to client for approval. Meanwhile as the client check the drawings and approves the drawings, system component items will be ordered after the quoted items are checked to meet the client's specifications.

Commented drawings are to be returned by clients, the drawings will be re-designed by our design department to meet client's requirements.

Whenever all drawings are sent to the client, we are also issued to production and QA/QC department for their related information and works for fabrication, test the designed system and to meet the required time schedule.

After the production, design department will verify that the required works were completed, the service engineer shall check all components of equipments and all kinds of items shall be checked, corrected and examined before the clients visit for the FAT.

When client arrive the shop for FAT, we will present the test data with FAT procedure.
After finished the FAT and punch lists were cleared, we can handle packing and shipment.


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