Standard Specification
1. Standard Specification
  Analyzer shelter shall consist of a self-framing type, assembled on a rigid superstructure.
  Shelter shall be of designed and constructed to be weather proofed and resistant.
  Shelter to be assembled on a welded steel super structure, also be used for mounting of all internal
  The floor area to be kept clear of all frame members.
  Wall panels shall be interlocking male and female ribs fabricated from galvanized steel sheet and/or
     Stainless steel plate.
  Access door shall be of double-wall construction.
  Doors shall include wire-reinforced
  Laminated safety glass window and stainless steel panic bar hardware.
  Shelter to meet the standards of the international code i.e. IEC, NFPA, ISA & Others requested.
  Options include insulation, double wall construction and painting.
  Cubicle Fabrication.
  The type of Analyzer Cubicle is Walk-in or Front Access type.
  Cubicle shall be of designed for the weather proofed and resistance.
  The structure of Cubicle shall be firmly manufactured to meet the field conditions.
  Materials of construction shall be of welded steel with angle reinforcement.
  Cubicle shall have internal mounting panel, top lifting lugs, and a channel-mounting base.
  Front door shall have a piano type hinge, a three-point latch, a lever handle, and a lock.
  Interior and exterior surfaces shall be painted.
2. Additional House or Cubicle Feature
  The following additional features would be included with the house or cubicles as required.
  Sufficient lights to provide a minimum illumination level.
  Internal mounting plate, brackets
  Louvers (adjustable, stationary or barometric), Panic Door.
  Wall insulation by sheets of aluminium backed fibreglass.
  Climate control by ventilation or mechanical refrigeration.
  Gas Cylinder racks with retaining chains, mounted on exterior walls.
3. If you have any special requirements, we will follow you according to your specification.

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